vasárnap, október 08, 2006

Első modellek

Az első modellek 2006. februárban készűltek

vasárnap, október 01, 2006

az építészeti koncepció bemutatása

Lánchíd 19

Named after Budapest’s famed “Chain Bridge” which spans the Danube, the first Design Hotel in Hungary is a contemporary highlight in a neighbourhood of predominately 19th century architecture. This contrast is indicative of Budapest’s evolving character, one which celebrates both past and present. The architect and design team created a moveable accordion-like glass façade, further animated by the changing colours of an innovative lighting design concept.

Glass is one of the dominant materials in the interiors as well, creating a sense of openness and allowing movement and connectedness to become an integral part of the building’s character. A building-high glass atrium towers above the foyer enabling natural light to flood the communal spaces and glass bridges leading to the guestrooms. A glass and steel staircase connects the foyer to a restaurant, which is located on a gallery above. Looking across the open-work glass and wood space separators, one has views of the restaurant and the intimate garden beyond. The lobby itself is equally dramatic with its transparent floor revealing Medieval ruins from the 15th century a level below. In the guestrooms, the spatial connection of the living space and bathrooms – similar to the whole house – underlines the concept of “flowing space” with their glass sliding doors.

Architect / Interior Designer
Péter Sugár
László Benczúr

László Kara
Miklós Weichinger

Fellow Architect
Attila Batári
Anna Kormányos
Gergely Magyar